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Imagination: The Spark Inside Our Souls That Reminds Us Who We Really Are

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Where did we lose the ability to conjure imagination? The ability to dream, to create, and to imagine is distinct to humanity – a crazy, yet fascinating species created in the image of the Grand Creator.

This past weekend, I went to Pittsburgh and Cleveland with my Dad for a weekend of football and exploration. We were both like kids at Christmas, in awe of cities we’ve never known and historic landmarks that we’ve never seen. What was impossible for me to miss was the everyday crowd in each city, walking by each monument to history as if the imagination and wonder were gone. Here we were, staring at buildings from the early years of both cities, in awe of the ornate design and structure of the first American skyscrapers. Yet, long faces and distant eyes were passing us by on every street. I wanted to stop them and say, “Do you not see the beauty all around you?”

The ability to blind ourselves to the beauty around is is not isolated in the Northeast US. Whether in Cleveland or the Rocky Mountains, we often miss the beauty and the imagination captured by the human spirit, as we thrash about in the worries of life.

It’s not childish to embrace imagination, it’s childlike. To be childish is to be unwise and irresponsible. To be childlike is to be one who never loses curiosity, wonder, and imagination.

Life can hurt and it often confuses even the strongest minds, but imagination reminds us that we’re human and that we were created for more than meets the eye.

I’m tired of just getting from A to B, like a cog in a machine. Maybe I’m wasting my life pursuing after God and something bigger than myself, but imagination is in my blood.

Imagination flows through you, as well. Don’t ignore it.