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Holiday Traditions: A Poem

Holiday traditions make magical memories

Of yesterdays past in our hearts full of mystery

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas traditions

Remind us of family despite new additions

To list them all would be impossible to achieve

But here are a few that are special to me

And thanks to your help, here are some of yours too

So enjoy these reminders of traditions from you

Watching Home Alone, eating pizza with cheese

Drinking egg nog, watching Elf on TV

Christmas Eve slippers left next to our beds

While beanies are given for each of our heads

Aunts, uncles, cousins together with glee

Thanksgiving and Christmas trips to the movies

Gifts and coffee cake, stockings and wreaths

Christmas trees, snow, and peppermint candies

Staying home and remaining in town

Time with family while gaining 10 pounds

Ham, coffee, and warm english tea

Pies, muffins, and Christmas movies

Family videos of Holidays in years past

Brings laughter and tears and new memories that last

Christmas tree shopping with warm apple cider

Shopping for Christmas gifts ’til we’re dead tired

Phone calls from family who live far, far away

Connect us to those we love all of our days

It’s A Wonderful Life plays on TV each year

While the Muppets Christmas specials leave us rolling in tears

Drinking Starbucks espresso filled with Holiday cheer

Cranberry bliss bars should be carried all year

Gift cards and presents, white chocolate mints

Godiva and Oreos and stressed out parents

Traditions are crazy, but they’re also so cool

So go enjoy yours, cause traditions, they rule!