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Ghost Writing The Story Of Life

Intro: since it’s the first of October I thought it would be cool if the graphic for this post had an actual ghost-like theme. You’re welcome.

Is it possible that we’re ghost writing someone else’s story through our own lives? Is imitation worth sacrificing the opportunity for an authentic life?

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” – Kurt Cobain

Bold and abrasive words from the former front man of Nirvana…And yet, he makes a compelling point. I would love to live a life of honesty, regardless of how many people will abandon me along the way. However, much of my time is spent in the pursuit of acceptance, approval, and awesomeness.

Let’s face it: we love praise rather than embarrassment, honor rather than disrespect. Sadly, living an honest life will not always reap those rewards.

For many of us, being honest with our life’s story may mean that we become vulnerable with those we trust, that we accept that we are incredibly loved by God, that asking for help is strength, and that we are alright being a work in progress. This isn’t easy. Being vulnerable, accepting one’s limitations, and receiving love are incredibly difficult.

Pride lusts for praise, yet our hearts thirst for life.

As a follower of Jesus aspiring for a career in the arts, an honest life isn’t always a good career move. Hollywood isn’t too keen on actors with a moral compass…Apparently the people living in Jesus’ time thought the same thing, which is why he was nailed to a crucifix.

Several years ago in LA, I had the opportunity for what I believed to be a simple extra role on a popular TV series. When I arrived, I discovered something they had neglected to tell me on the phone: I would be playing a male prostitute…Can you imagine calling home and saying to friends and family, “Hey guys, turn on the TV! I’m a prostitute!” So I walked off set and said no. Immediately one of the production directors spoke into their headset and said, “I have my first Christian on set.” No lie. (Side Note: the dude who signed me out gave me props for being true to myself, so that was cool).

I’m coming to a place where the opinion of others means very little. Life is too short on this rock orbiting the sun to live in a masquerade full of pomp and pretense. I may be a fool for following Jesus and I’m alright with that. But my heart, my mind, and my soul say otherwise.

I know the whole “life is a story” narrative is overplayed these days, but there is a reason for that: it’s pretty darn true. Life is a story and you’re writing it each day through the decisions you make. Who will you will be, how will you be remembered, and who will you invest in? Faking it isn’t worth losing your identity.

Pretending to live in someone else’s story will only leave you living like a ghost writer…Always writing, yet speaking from someone else’s script.

One of the most exhausting aspects of acting for me was always being confined to someone else’s words rather than my own. Isn’t that how we often live our lives? Don’t we find ourselves living within a scripted character rather than a creative, expressive soul? Why do we sell ourselves out for approval while our hearts long for honesty, vulnerability, and truth?

Imitation is cheap. The human spirit was never meant to be confined by comparison, facades, and illusion.

Stop ghost writing.

Start authentically living a story worth sharing.