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Five Easy Steps To Becoming Famous

Do you want to become famous? Well, look no further than the following steps that will propel you into stardom!

Take it from me: I was an actor – well, most of my work was as a “background actor” (don’t call us extras…That’s degrading). In fact, you may see my face in the background if you look really close…like, I’m far in the back, but still, I was on film. I’ve even played an acoustic set of my own songs at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, which is where Motley Crue got their start! Now granted, like 15 people were in attendance, but numbers aren’t everything…

Trust me. I’m a star and you can be too! So let’s dive into the five-step process, shall we?!

Step #1 – Use People: This is an essential step to becoming famous, which is why I put this at the beginning. You must make friends with the people who will get you ahead, not the nobodies who can’t do anything for you. Have wealthy parents? Use them. Have friends who know people who know people? Get their approval, no matter how much you must compromise your integrity.

Step #2 – Have Luck On Your Side: Basically, this step is self-explanatory. Just be lucky, alright?

Step #3 – Lie If You Must: Once on set of CSI: Miami I asked a guest star how he got the role for that episode. His response was, “Honestly, I lied on my resume about work I never did…But it got me this role.” Learn from this guy! Although I have no idea what his name is, nor have I seen him in anything else, it definitely worked for him!

Step #4 – Sell Your Soul: Just kidding…maybe? This is a myth that no one has scientifically proven, so until that day, this step isn’t 100% valid. However, it doesn’t hurt to try anyway.

Step #5 – Make It Your Life Goal To Be Better Than Everyone Else: As Kanye West recently said on Twitter, “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas after realizing he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time.” If it works for Kanye, what’s to say it won’t work for you? Just mix some arrogance with self-centered dreams…then marry a Kardashian. That should do it!

I know…This is incredible advice, right?!?!


Art was never intended to make humanity famous; art is a language of the soul, reminding us that we are more than just flesh and bone.

Creativity and talent were never designed to elevate us to demigods; we were created in the image of the Grand Creator, designed to love, to create, to imagine, and to know life.

Do you want to be an actor? Do you want to be a musician? Is painting or sketch art your talent? What about writing (cough…)? Maybe it’s graphic design, video game design, public speaking, fashion, interior design, the culinary arts, etc…? When it’s all said and done, what do you hope to accomplish with your talents, and why?

Fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…I’m sick of seeing famous artists ending their own lives in despair, wanting something to placate their soul’s need for God. Fame won’t complete you. Fame is a mirage of happiness, always drawing you deeper and deeper into the desert of emptiness. Fame is a lie.

What if we stopped pursuing fame and began creating art that expresses vulnerability, hope, doubt, faith, love, life, and beauty? What if that’s all we need to enjoy being an artist? If I don’t get more readers, does that make me a failure? If you don’t build a larger audience, is your art worthless? When we create and imagine, we are inviting the human spirit to seek God, to ask the hard questions, and to wrestle with the brokenness of living in a fallen world. Honest art forces us to see ourselves for who we really are, as if looking into a mirror.

If you are an artist (which we all are in one way or another), what is your driving force behind your creativity? Who do you want to impress? What do you think you’ll achieve once the entire world knows your name? Will that be enough?

I want more than fame, more than praise, and more than being let down by a life of false promises. Each day that I wake, I want to encourage others, to speak life, to talk about what really matters, and to create a safe space for others to find healing. If I don’t accomplish that, a million readers will mean absolutely NOTHING.

What will you imagine, what will you create, and why?


  1. Katie Katie

    As always, so deep and insightful! I wish there was a new trend that steered away from focusing on fame and actually did show a positive outcome to someone’s art, where the Artist was in control of their deep rooted internal possession not the numbers on social media, etc.

    • Hey Katie,

      I totally agree. Unfortunately, in a celebrity driven world, we won’t see many true artists celebrated as they should be. And yet, we must create, none-the-less. Everyone. We’re all artists, regardless of what field we are called to serve.

      And thanks again for the kind words…You’re always very encouraging. 🙂

      – Andrew

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