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Emergency – The World Is Burning, But Do We (I) Really Care?

You see, we are burning,
This is real
We’re on fire but we can’t feel a thing
We were promised more than we can take
Everybody out the fire escape

– Civil Twilight, “Fire Escape”


Our world is on fire and we’ve become completely numb. My heart doesn’t break when I see the hurting and the lonely souls on the news. Just being honest. If your heart does break, I’m happy for you. Unfortunately, I’m so indifferent as I am disconnected from the reality of the pain and heartache taking place in Puerto Rico, Houston, Las Vegas, and the rest of the world as I hide behind my Starbucks table and my venti iced coffee.

It’s an emergency, yet I’m walking slowly down the street, as if the world isn’t exploding behind me. The place is burning down, but I’m sitting still, watching TV and being entertained.

I care about other people, so don’t think I’m a complete narcissist. Yet, I’d be lying if I told you that I’m crying at night over the heartache and suffering around the world. I’d be lying if I told you that I was working tirelessly to find solutions for the world’s problems, rather than reading a good book and watching movies. Most of the time, I’m thinking about me, not you.

My mind sometimes wanders to the idea of me being completely selfless and more others-focused than I am at this moment. The heart craves more than money can buy, but the stuff money can buy can be really distracting and addicting. It’s amazing how, when I’m sick and tired emotionally, I then turn to junk food to cheer me up. I eat junk when I feel like junk in hopes that I won’t feel like junk any longer…We are such contradictions, hoping to find love as we watch the world burn.

Have you ever felt this way, or is it just me? Do you feel empty making the world just about you, yet you keep feeding the emptiness with more emptiness?

I know this: there’s an emergency taking place around me and I want to wake up, run outside, and put out the fire. This world needs hearts that want to bring hope and positive change. That’s what I want to be for the rest of my days on this earth. This life was never about me.