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Destiny: God Dreamed You, Created You, & Destined You For More Than What Meets The Eye

The word “destiny” always seems a little far-fetched and fictional (please see Darth Vader). Yet, what if we are all created to become something much more than we can ever imagine? What if God had something more in mind when He created you?

“You can’t see destiny. It’s not readily apparent when you look at it with the naked eye. If you take a selfie, you won’t see the version of yourself you are meant to become, no matter what filter you use.” – Levi Lusko

Maybe that’s why we don’t believe in destiny: it’s not discovered by mere sight.

We live in a world that needs to “see it to believe it”, which has blinded us to what makes us distinctly human. Love within the soul cannot be seen, but we can see the impact. A generous gift to someone in need is only the expression of the love within the heart of the giver, not the love itself. Jesus reminds us of this when he praises the widow’s small offering, because it was an act of great sacrifice from a heart full of generosity.

If expressions of our soul (such as love) cannot be seen with the naked eye, why should the destiny that burns within us be any different?

I’m 32 (almost 33). When I look back a mere decade, I was still living in Virginia and working as a College Recruiter. My vision for life was evolving, as I dreamed of working in the arts and sharing the Gospel of Jesus with a hurting world. I was young and ambitious – a dreamer who viewed Hollywood as the greatest mission field. I was also a broken mess and a self-righteous kid who didn’t grasp the fullness of grace. Looking in the rearview mirror of my life, the person I was then is not the person I am now.

We create the future by our dreams and the choices we make on the journey.

When I was 22, I read a book called “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley. This book sparked the desire to step out in faith, to take a risk towards my dreams, and to live for more than just fine. I was gonna change the world! Fast forward 10 years and many of those dreams never became reality, yet a future I never anticipated was formed from the ashes.

Dreams don’t always come true, but God has a strange way of using broken dreams to direct us to even better things. Dream & trust His heart.

God imagined us, then He created us. If that’s the case, then He must have had something in mind (a destiny) for who we were to become. So what’s the secret? Why don’t WE know who we were created to become?

Faith. Only the artist knows the ending, not the art itself. God is the artist, we are the art.

Dreams and imagination require faith. To experience the destiny God intends for you, you must have faith that He will lead you into the unknown. When we choose a life apart from God, we ultimately place our faith within ourselves, relying upon our own imagination to create the future. God knows all things; humanity’s wisdom is limited. I’d rather have the Master Artist involved.

I believe that God has placed a destiny within every person, which is a destiny of hope, life, wonder, beauty, and love. I also believe God loves us too much to force that destiny upon us. We must choose to walk by faith in the Master Artist if we desire His destiny for our lives.

But…What if our past dreams and decisions have created someone we never meant to become?

Regrets and guilt speak lies about our destiny, telling us that we’ve ruined who we were created to become. What’s beautiful about God is that He can redeem ALL THINGS. There’s a reason Jesus had to die and defeat death in our place: we can’t redeem ourselves from the mess we’ve made through sin and rebellion. Yet, in Jesus we find grace, forgiveness, new hope, new life, and new dreams for the future.

Maybe your past is full of chaos, but Jesus can redeem you and fill you with new dreams for a better future.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Do you feel worthless? God created you out of His own imagination to reflect His glory and to discover your destiny. You are not worthless; you have great value.

Do you feel like you’ve failed? God can still redeem your life and direct you towards the destiny He intended for you all along.

God dreamed of you, imagined you, created you, and placed a destiny within you that only He knows. You were created for much more than you even know!