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Decaf Spirituality: Are We Missing Out On What It Means To Be Truly Human?

Decaf coffee is of the devil. If you are participating in the consumption of this despicable beverage, you may very well find yourself in purgatory…for a VERY. LONG. TIME. (And I’m not even Catholic)

What is the benefit of decaf coffee, anyway? I will never understand…But that’s not what this post is about.

Decaf spirituality is a weakened state of spiritual health, just as decaf coffee is a weakened state of the elixir of life. When we live mediocre lives within the spiritual, we will have a mediocre understanding of our purpose and our existence.

This isn’t just for people who profess to follow Jesus. Everything and everyone is spiritual, whether we care to acknowledge it or deny it. Truth and spiritual reality does exist, but we must care enough to pursue what it means to be truly human. If we are truly seeking after truth, I am inclined to believe that we will walk right into Jesus, but maybe you disagree. I’m fine with that, because we should seek truth, not one man’s opinions.

As a follower of Jesus, it’s easier to get caught up in the temporal world, rather than focusing on the eternal spiritual reality. I’m called to follow the example of Jesus, but I often follow the lead of other human beings instead.

“We won’t be like Jesus if it’s more important to us to be like each other. God doesn’t compare what He creates.”Bob Goff

What if we started looking at ourselves through the spiritual reality, realizing that we are called to be more than a reflection of other people? When the Scriptures talk about us being created in the image of God, what if that means we should be pursuing a higher purpose, rather than pursuing mere human acceptance?

I’m often decaf in my journey with Christ, rather than fully loaded with an additional shot of espresso.

When we hold other people and earthly standards to our own spiritual litmus test, we ultimately find ourselves reaching limited purpose. When we hold ourselves to the standard of Jesus, we are called to higher purpose than we can even fathom.

Are you living a decaf spiritual life, holding yourself to mere human standards, or are you fully caffeinated with passion to be just like Christ?

I like extra shots in my coffee. My spiritual journey can be nothing less.