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Dark, Light, & The Space In-Between (a few thoughts on pain, joy, and the meaning of life)

Live, I wanna live inspired
Die, I wanna die for something higher than myself
// Anberlin

There’s a place between my light and my dark. There’s a space where my heart knows that there is more than the highs and the lows. There’s something within me that calls me to live for something bigger than just getting through another day.





I am convinced that we were created to live for God and for others. Maybe you don’t adhere to the whole “God thing”, but you can’t deny the inherent need to live a life of generous love. We weren’t created to be a vacuum, but rather to be generous lovers.

There’s a place inside all my pain that knows that there is more to life than the hurt.

There’s a place inside my joys that knows this life is not just about always feeling good.

There’s a place in-between. It’s that part that makes us human, not mere animals. The human spirit longs for purpose, meaning, and community. I’ve only experienced those ecstasies when I lived for God and for others.

There’s a space between your pain and your joy that is burning within you for more. More love. More life. More meaning. More purpose. More God. Don’t ignore that space in your soul. You’re meant to crave, to chase, to pursue, to love, and to journey towards love.