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Christmas – Part 3: Hope For A World In Darkness

What does it mean to find hope during the Holidays? What is hope and why does it relate to the birth of Christ? Are there other reasons that Christmas can spark hope in our hearts? I think we have a good idea of the general reasons, but let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

We know the greatest hope presented at Christmas: that Jesus came to the earth to redeem us and to bring us back into relationship with the Father. We know that his birth signifies God coming to us to meet us at our darkest. And yet, What if hope reveals itself in other ways, as well?

One of the most hopeful aspects of the holidays is generosity. Around the world, we see charities and families donating financial gifts to the poor, toys to underprivileged children, and clothes being donating to the homeless. When we witness acts of generosity, our spirits echo whispers of hope, remembering who we were designed to be: creatures of love and generosity in the image of the Great Creator.

I find hope in seeing families and friends come together in unity, even when there are disagreements throughout the rest of the year. Hope is found in remembering that we still love each other, regardless of our silly contradictions.

Hope is found in the beauty of music, lights, decorations, and celebrations. The many forms of artistic expression throughout the holidays remind us of the hope within the human spirit, filled with imagination and wonder. Christmas awakens our souls to imagine more than our everyday routines.

Hope is found in a kind word from a complete stranger, a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”.

Hope is found in the taste of peppermint and chocolate being mixed with espresso…This is one of the greatest reminders that there is still hope for humanity.

Hope can be found in every direction if we would only open our eyes and look for the wonder of Christmas. Whether the holidays remind us of a broken past, we are invited to hope for a better future.

Jesus arrived for our redemption, offering us renewal and new life. We are invited to breathe again, to dream again, and to step into a different story of adventure. Christmas is far greater than routines and traditions, no matter how wonderful they may be. Christmas is the season of hope, even for those of us in the greatest darkness.

Remember: Jesus came to us when we were in darkness, not when we were in light. This Christmas, wherever you are, step into the light and the life that Jesus offers you. Step into the hope that you have for a better future.

Merry Christmas!