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Can A Broken Past Really Be Viewed As Beautiful?

“One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” – Sigmund Freud

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn that Freud was right? What if the seasons of brokenness can be redeemed and worked into a beautiful mosaic of a life well-lived?

When I look into my past, it’s easy to cringe and to think, “I wish I didn’t…Why did that happen to me? What if I had done _____ differently?”

The past can’t be changed. The future? That is within our power to create and to mold as we make choices along the journey of life.

No, I don’t view the past years of struggling with OCD and depression as “beautiful”. It would be wonderful to say that I understood Freud’s statement from first-hand experience, but that wouldn’t be true. The past decade of brokenness and pain were a living hell, not a beautiful journey.

Yet…What if he’s right? What if, one day, I will be thankful for how God redeemed those broken days, turning it into a beautiful mess?

Our choices create what comes next, not our wishful thinking or our intentions. We become who we choose to create.

What if we allowed the pain and brokenness of our past to instruct us, rather than to create despair within our hearts? What if we learned to live a better story, to make better choices, and to create a better future?

Maybe one day I’ll look back and say, “Those were beautiful days.” Until that day comes, I can still hold to the truth that tomorrow does not have to be the same as yesterday. Today and tomorrow have such great potential for better things.

What if you began seeing your broken past as a beautiful chapter of life?