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A Short Series of Musings on Death, Life, Love, & What It Means To Be Human // ENTRY THREE: What It Means To Be Human

As I sit here contemplating what it means to be human, I am staring out the window from my seat in Starbucks, rain pouring down as cars fly by. The Starbucks at 7th St. in Charlotte is located in an old neighborhood near Uptown. My table and chair are located next to the massive window front. My mind is located who-knows-where…I’m tired from a long day, I just got some new Daredevil comic books, and I’m excited for this opportunity to ramble.

Maybe all of this is what it means to be human. The smell of coffee. The longing for something bigger than myself. The appreciation of human history. A longing for beauty. Living vicariously through stories, even as simple as stories of my favorite superhero in a comic book.

There’s something that separates us from the animals: we crave God, we long for beauty, we dream, and we care about more than just survival.

I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite books – “Soul Cravings” by Erwin McManus. Needless to say, that book has shaped much of the way I view the world. Erwin stirs my soul with his thoughts on the human spirit’s longing for God and purpose. His words have always resonated with this dreaming heart of mine…We all long for something bigger than ourselves.

“Our dreams are where God paints a picture of a life waiting to be created.” – Erwin McManus

I’m looking at the rain falling outside and I’m not just thinking about how happy I am to be inside. No. My mind is wondering where the heck I’m going with these words and if they will encourage someone. Thoughts about who I long to become are constantly rushing through my mind. A simple pleasure of an iced coffee makes me feel more alive. Wondering what happens to Matt Murdock in this newest comic book compels me to begin reading it.

Call me silly, but I believe that everything is spiritual. A human interaction, a story, a song, a rainy night, a delicious coffee, a broken heart, and every other human experience reminds us that there’s more to life than merely existing.

Being human is more than survival.

Being human is more than temporary highs and lows.

Being human is more than animalistic cause and effect.

You are a human being and your heart longs for more. Even at your worst, you long for better days. Even at your best, you still can’t find pure happiness in that moment, no matter how hard you try. You desire something bigger, greater, and stronger than yourself.

Being human is to crave God.

The human spirit was created for the God we desire as the body desires air. We can’t find satisfaction or eternal purpose without being connected to the God who designed us for Himself.

Knowing God – that’s what I believe it is to be human.