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A Short Series of Musings on Death, Life, Love, & What It Means To Be Human // ENTRY THREE: Love

“Love is the most powerful force in the universe. God is love, and he is everywhere.” – Erwin McManus, “Soul Cravings”

The 21st Century version of “love” doesn’t look much like the love that I see in the Scriptures. We hear things like “love wins” and “all we need is love”, but then we turn around and hate our enemies. If you want a reminder of the sin-sick human heart, all you need to do is visit Twitter or Facebook for 5 minutes. We love others who agree with us, but don’t you DARE tell me that I’m wrong! Whether it be liberal vs. conservative or Steph Curry vs. LeBron, everyone wants to be right, while no one wants to sacrifice their rights for one another.

What in the world is real love, really?

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

Love is found in the arms of a friend who isn’t afraid to get dirty and hurt with us in our pain. Love is found in the giving of our time and resources. Love is found when we choose to sacrifice our own desires for the needs of others. Love is found in sacrifice, not selfishness.

Love is not lust. Love is not a feeling. Love is not a chemical reaction that fades when we grow tired of someone. Love is not a word. Love is a movement – a radical force.

“God is love, and he is everywhere.”

If God is love, then maybe we’re leaving real love out of the narrative in our society. The human spirit separates us from all of creation, reminding us that we are created in the image of the Creator. The human spirit craves love. When the human spirit runs from the God who is love, the human spirit suffocates.

I’m terrible at giving grace to people who offend me. Trust me, I’m terrible at being loving towards my enemies. Yet, even so, what would it look like if I began loving others, so much so that I laid down my own pride to serve even my enemies?

What would this world look like if we took the love of God into every moment of our lives? What if we stopped living for just ourselves? What would this world look like?